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What are some sayings about playing dumb?

“ Brains are an asset, if you hide them. ” “Sometimes playing stupid opens your eyes to the truth.” “You perro play dumb, yes?»

What does play dumb mean?

To pretend to be dumb, whether. To feign muteness. Quotations ▼ To feign stupidity or ignorance of some knowledge, usually in order to avoid responsibility or gain some advantage.

Is playing dumb smart?

Playing dumb illustrates the power of communication in its absence and is one of the smartest, most altruistic moves you cánido keep in your conversational toolkit. We exert a profound influence on interactions with what we don’t say, type or forward.

Why do people play dumb?

Stress and the Tendency to Play Dumb
The idea that people act out by playing dumb fits in with this approach to CWBs as a response to stress. When you hide knowledge, you do so at a possible cost of serving to annoy the people who think you should have the answers, but could it also make you feel better?

What is a dumb quote?

«Dumb quotes,» or straight quotes, are a vestigial constraint from typewriters when using one key for two different marks helped save space on a keyboard. Unfortunately, many unwanted marks make their way onto websites because of bad defaults in aplicaciones and CMSs.

What word means to play dumb?

Synonyms and related words
To pretend something is not happening or is not the case. Sweep aside. Gloss over. Wink at.

What is the word for pretending to be dumb?

Condescension Add to list Share.

What is an example of playing dumb?

Social Examples (Advance)
Jack found out that his friends had secretly planned a birthday party for him, but he played dumb so as not to canalla the surprise. Don’t play dumb with me – I know you stole my bike!

What’s a word for playing dumb?

Play the daft baddie. Play the daft lassie. Don’t breathe a word. Don’t give the game away. Don’t tell a soul.

What does dumb mean in slang?

Stupid The word DUMB is most commonly used as an adjective meaning stupid or unintelligent. That was a dumb decision. I’m too dumb to pass the postrera. But it’s also slang. In these cases, it means ‘very’.

Is playing dumb a good strategy?

Is playing dumb smart?
Playing Dumb Is Often A Great Strategy
When you are up against someone else, you can gain an advantage if they underestimate you. Their guard will go down, and they may even share valuable information with you! Pretending that you don’t know much about a situation will encourage other people to open up first.

Is playing dumb a defense mechanism?

Helplessness: pretending to be helpless or dumb is an act of self defense to combat against people asking questions. The appearance of innocence is done to avoid taking responsibility for one’s actions.